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Influencers, content creators, growing social media professionals, we help you shine! Leverage your social media following and create your own brand that you and your followers will love!

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Our elite team and personalized services are the FINAL PIECES to helping effectively you become a creator of a successful product brand.

You Increased your Follower Count. Time to Make Money Now!

As a social media influencer and content creator, you deserve more. Your followers are your strength, and we help you make the most of it by building your own brand! At Final Piece Media, we help you convert your social traffic to earn more. We build your website, eCommerce store to connect with products that match well with your persona and the best part is we help you earn money. Yes, you are going to love this!

What Do We Offer

Website Development

We create a website just for you, right with your details, your offerings, making it perfect for your target market.

Business Technicalities

Our tech and business team will guide you to choose the right tech options as well make the best business decisions that will help you make more money without headaches, whatsoever!

Brand/ Product sourcing

We help you source the right brands and products that are of unimpeachable quality and reputed enough to recommend to your followers, without any risks involved.

Customer support

Our customer service team will attend to client queries on your behalf, reducing your efforts on that front, even meeting your follower expectations right to the tee!

Trusted by influencers around the world to build successful and long-lasting brands.

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We manage eCommerce businesses for over fifty influencers and are continuing to recruit more every week.

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Sourced and Branded Products

Premium quality and Proven-to-sell.

We manage the entire backend of the business


Investing in building and managing your custom website.


Ordering inventory to our warehouses across USA and Canada.


Team to fulfill orders and manage customer support.


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How It Works

We build your online website

Our team of website developers will get you a website, only for you! Let us worry about the technical details…hosting, inventory, analytics…and more.

Create and Share Content

Now show your expertise here – take videos and pictures with trending, popular products to share with followers.

Earn more and consistently

We help you monetize your following right away, and make bigger bucks than ever! Realize your potential with us, without any hassles.

Some of Our Influencer Promotions

Take a Look at Our Results

With the right systems and strategies in place, it has never been easier to monetize your platform as an influencer. Let us manage the technical backend work from website design to customer service to inventory management, so you can invest all of your time into what you love—content creation. Together, we can achieve results like these.



We simplify the process of connecting influencers with the right products and brands.

Certainly! Our role is to guide you through making the best possible choices, including the process of picking high-quality brands and products preferred by your followers.

The process involved in making money is gradual, but once the website is ready, and you start marketing the branded products in your own inimitable style, it won’t take long after that! We recommend that you have your content in place and in expected quality before you share it with followers. The process should take a couple of weeks to be done. And then you start making real money!

Our professional website developers and designers will always create a website that reflects on your persona, your offerings, your style, and your inclinations. We help you carve a digital identity for yourself that will help your followers flock to you!

  • We will first create a smart, branded website, meant only for you. 

  • Our team will then aggregate high-quality brands and products that suit your social media profile as well as your followers. 

  • You get those products right to your door, for making “viral” content that will make your followers head turn in amazement!

  • And then you make money because when your followers are happy, brands are happy too!

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